Brewing the Perfect Espresso at Home

How about indulging in perfectly brewed espresso shots at home? After an exhausting workout or returning back from office, sipping an incredibly brewed espresso and lazing on your couch is no less than a treat for your mind and soul alike.

It can be a bit overwhelming deciding where to start your search for buying a home espresso machine. After all, we are living in a fast-paced era where new and latest models are being launched with the blink of an eye. It’s a mind-boggling matter of finding the right fit from Espresso Machines for Sale in Houston. There is surely something out there in the market for everyone. Here we will guide you about the factors you must consider while buying an espresso machine for your home.

  • Boiler Type Espresso Machine

Mainly, there are three types of Espresso Machines for Sale in Houston comprising of single boiler, dual boiler and heat exchanger. You will come across a lot of information regarding boiler type espresso machine but the real essence is that, in order to maintain temperature consistency along with the potential to pull shots and boil milk at the same time, a dual boiler is needed.

Water Source

There are some great espresso machines which have to be plumbed in whereas some make use of a manually filled built-in water reservoir inside the machine. If you are looking for a combination of both, opt for a flexible espresso machine with the capability of both.


There is literally no need of placing a large espresso machine in a congested kitchen. While buying it, do keep the size of your kitchen’s countertop in mind. Check the dimensions, specifically the height since you have to attach a burr mill to get the full benefit from your espresso machine.

  • Pump Type

Pump espresso machine is great for steam and froth drinks like coffee, cappuccino and café latte.  Since they are famous being the standalone type of espresso machine, pump espresso machines usually requires vibratory or rotary pumps to be driven. The best feature of operating a pump espresso machine is that it isn’t loud as burr grinder and won’t affect your ears with hustling noise.

  • Machine Style
    Dazzle your countertop with shiny and stylish solid metal espresso machine. Just like the ones we spot in cafes and coffee shops, this distinguished espresso machine comes with push-button shot controls. However, there are a few machines that require manual paddle controls to stimulate the group head. The result is irresistible and great quality espresso that you can enjoy while being in your comfort zone.

Considering the above mentioned practicalities, it’s the time to hit the market and buy the machine you would love to greet every morning!

What to Look for When Purchasing an Espresso Machine

Espresso machines for sale in Houston

If you find yourself spending a ridiculous amount of money on your morning time coffee addiction and are in search of a cost effective alternative, it might be a good idea for you to buy an espresso machine and cut out the middle man. Like any other big purchases, you will want to do your research. We will start with the big question of: why is an espresso machine for use at home a good decision? First of all, you will save money, save time, and spare yourself the headache and embarrassment of shuffling through long lines and possibly spilling your pricey purchase down the front of your clothes. While looking for an espresso machine you will want to consider a few things before making the purchase.

  • Check consumer reviews on the model you are considering.
  • Find a good grinder.
  • Decide if you would prefer a manual machine or a semiautomatic machine.

What kind of accessories are you looking for?

Checking consumer reviews will prove to be an important asset because you can get advice from people that have actually already had the chance to use the machine you are considering, and they can offer you the pros and cons of each device. You can then weight their pros and cons with your own to decide if an espresso machine is something you think you can manage and afford.

A good grinder will be one of the more important components of the espresso machine. A grinder is important because in order to make a good espresso, you need a grinder that is capable of grinding the coffee beans into a fine powder. You don’t want a uniform grind because this can hinder the percolation process. Ideally, you want small, nonuniform particles. This will help the rate that the water flows through. The most common type of grinder is called a ball mill grinder. A ball mill grinder will provide you with good particle distribution and will aid in the extraction of the espresso.
Next, determine the type of machine you want. Manual espresso machines require more work. You need to grind the beans yourself and add the right amount of water, while using the lever to apply pressure to force the water through the coffee. A semiautomatic machine will brew the coffee quickly and requires far less maintenance. Semiautomatic machines will complete most of the steps with little assistance from the user.

Finally, you will want to look into accessories. Different available accessories include: frothing pitchers, coffee tampers, and knock boxes. First and foremost though, you will want to purchase a cleaning kit so that you can clean, sanitize, and maintain your new machine.

Keep in mind that a good espresso machine is going to be costly. But once you weight the afford-ability and convenience factors associated with making espresso at home, rather than purchasing it on the go, you can decide to make it an investment that will be worth it in the long run.

Drop After Drop of Vibrance and Flavor

Monin syrups are premium syrups that are made with sugar cane and are used to flavor beverages.  Monin is a French gourmet flavoring company that was founded in 1912 in Bourges, France.  Their products are available in more than one hundred countries and there are numerous websites where you can purchase Monin syrups in a variety of different flavors.  Along with being able to purchase these products online, you can also find an array of different recipes.  Monin prides themselves on producing a quality gourmet product and they have set their standards very high. They manufacture these products under a Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points and are also SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 3 certified and part of the Global Food Safety Initiative.

Alongside regular gourmet syrups and sauces, Monin also offers sugar free and organic options, as well as fruit purees and premium sweeteners.  Monin’s U.S. Headquarters is based out of Clearwater, Florida and their office handles the sales and operations throughout North America, South America and the Caribbean.  Monin has been awarded the Cheers Small Non-Alcoholic Beverage Supplier of the Year Award and Vibe’s Non-Alcoholic Supplier of the Year Award.  Monin is recognized by Darden, the Tampa Bay Times, the Melting Pot, and Coffee Fest, just to name a few.

2012 marked Monin’s one hundred year celebration.  Georges Monin, the founder of Monin syrups, was a cook and flavor enthusiast that enjoyed hosting family gatherings at his home.  He wanted to extract bright, bold, and vibrant flavors and infuse them into different beverages to heighten them from dull to an exciting and aromatic level.  With this thought in mind, he began experimenting in his kitchen and because of his dedication and determination, here we are; decades later and we are still enjoying his hard work and thoughtfulness.

Monin syrups are the perfect complement for any beverage and most of their syrups do not require refrigeration.  The fruit smoothie mixes they offer, however, do require refrigeration after opening.  The company suggests that you store the syrups at room temperature, in a clean and dry location.  Under these conditions, the shelf life of the syrups vary in range from ninety to one hundred and eighty days.  If you are looking for a quality product and a new way to flavor your coffee in the morning, Monin syrups are the ideal candidate.


What You Will Get From Barista Training

If you want to be involved in the coffee business, you are probably looking for barista training course. It is an incredible resource which you can use to maximize your investment in this business and to help you create a skillful barista (whether you or other person). This directly affects your coffee business sales, profitability, and brand awareness. If you are planning to be a freelancer or independent barista then you are probably reading this article to understand more about the coffee industry and look for improving your skills to help you get admiration and achievement.

A decent barista training course is very recommended for those who are interested in the industry. In the past, folks said that being a barista need an aesthetic value. And if a person did not have it, he or she should wash the dream away. But it is actually not true. With the help of proper Barista training course, now anyone can be barista no matter what the background. So there is no “impossible” word when you want to be a professional barista because the training course will help making it happen. Besides the basic skills, the training course will also help you to get involved with the industry in advance dealing with the real customers.

We can say that you are in the internship when taking barista training course. Barista training is something that can’t be overlooked by those who are serious in this business. For instance, you will see the difference of a person who knows how to note the types of espresso machines and their functions. From the customer’s’ point of views (the regular coffee drinkers), they can tell the difference between a delight espresso made by someone who has trained properly and someone who hasn’t. A trained coffee expert will have edible skills to utter such a perfect cup of coffee.

You see, culinary is a cruel industry. Claiming yourself as barista without knowing the basic of your profession will not do any good for you. Folks who have bad experience with poor service of a coffee shop can ruin the business just by shouting in his or her facebook wall. But it won’t happen to you after completing a great barista training course. You will be able to pass the quality checks. Your customers will be satisfied with your service. Plus, you can entertain them with some amazing skills you have learned from the course. You will realize that you used to be in “this” standard, and after completing the course, you will be in “that” standard.

Espresso Machines

How various espresso machines can yield tastier results

Most people love to take a glass of coffee in the morning, some others needs more, but did you really know about your coffee? There are two ways of preparing coffee in general, espresso and drip brew. If you usually prepare your coffee with pouring hot water over coffee contained in a filter, then it is drip brew coffee. Espresso is originally Italian coffee beverage which is prepared by forcing hot water through coffee beans which have been finely ground.

People who like their coffee to have strong and robust flavor will choose espresso. Different than drip brewed coffee, the consistency of an espresso would be normally thick and concentrated. Usually you will have espresso served in small amounts without any additional flavoring like sugar or milk. This kind of coffee should be consumed immediately after being prepared, for its high reaction to oxygen,

Espresso machines are devices specially designed to make the preparation of espresso coffee much easier, but still, it needs certain skills to operate the machine. The machine itself works by forcing water at 195F and the pressure of 9bar to go through a mass of finely ground coffee. Usually it takes around twenty seconds to prepare 1.5 ounces of espresso. If you want to shorten the time it takes, you can improve the grinding quality using finer or coarser coffee. Espresso machines are also equipped with steam wands to froth and steam milk for milk-based espresso such as cappuccino and latte.

Various espresso machines Houston are available on the market, but you should know which one will suit your need:

Stove Top Espresso Maker:


The simples espresso makes consist of the base, brewing basket, basket screen and collection chamber. This machine is pretty small and can be easily moved. This type comes in non-electrical type. To use this machine, first you place the coffee is brewing basket and fill the base with cold water. If you done placing the basket screen over the brewing basket, then put back the collection chamber into the base, and place the machine over a heat source.

Steam Espresso Maker:


This machine is pretty similar to the stove top type, only this machine uses a steam unit and works with pump-power principle. This kind of machine has a portafilter, which works as a filter holding and coffee dispensing unit,

Piston Driven Espresso Maker:


This is the oldest type of espresso machines. This machine was invented during the first time espresso i was first discovered. The current machines you see is the upgraded version of this one. First invented in 1938 and widely used in thematic parties or shops.

Pump Driven Espresso Machine:

This kind of espresso maker is the most common commercial espresso machine. This is the variation of the piston driven espresso maker, powered by a pump instead of a piston. The pump-driven espresso machine is the most used type of espresso machine commercially. It is a variation/upgrade of the piston driven espresso maker, which has a pump instead of a piston.

Automatic Espresso Machine:

If you want more consistent amount of espresso then this machine is the answer. This is the most stable unit compared to the others. It flows water into flow meter unit until it reaches the pre-programmed level and the flow is cut.

Super Automatic Espresso Machine:

This is basically the most practical machine. It does all the jobs from grinding the coffee until controlling the temperature and water flow.

Coffee: A Viable Solution Against Poverty

Back in the 1960s opium production was the primary income source for a remote mountain-ridge village in Thailand. The government shut down this manufacture of opium products leaving the Mien tribe villagers with no source of income. As it turned out, the mountain climate is perfect for barista training Houston.

The Christian ministry FARMS International shared the Gospel with the community at the time they started raising coffee. The organization helps poverty stricken families achieve a means of self-support. A church was established with at least 100 members, many of whom have loans from FARMS International. These loans are interest-free. Once the loans are repaid, the families agree to tithe to the local church from the coffee profits. The families have a religious path away from poverty and the churches grow strong.

FARMS International spokesman Joe Richter speaks of a local family who required help for their deaf son. There were no local resources to learn sign language. The loan helped them to increase the coffee crop so that they could raise the money needed to attend a special school in the city. Others are able to upgrade their homes by replacing thatch-roofs with something better. They have been able to buy automobiles and even send their children to secondary schools and colleges. The natives develop a sense of self-worth and dignity from the loans. In particular, the families develop a fuller understanding of the Gospel and Jesus Christ.

Prayer is an important aspect of FARMS International. Members are asked to pray specifically for the Mien people. The hope is that the Miens will follow Christianity and continue reaching out to their neighbors. Many communities still need help out of poverty, and this mission can provide the opportunity for evangelism. In fact prayer is requested for all the mission work in Northern Thailand.

Press Your Lavazza For Espresso

You can use the unique brand known as Lavazza for your espresso, and their coffee will help you get the perfect pour when you make that tiny little solo cup of espresso. Espresso is something that people will start the day with in Italy, and it only makes sense for you to use one of their coffees when you are making the espresso. This amazing brand is perfect for pressing when you want to make espresso, and you can get started with their beans right now.

Grind Fine Beans

You need to make sure that you grind the beans so fine that they can be packed very close together. A really fine grind will make it much easier for you to make the espresso strong, and you will get more flavor from the amazing beans. You can get started packing the beans for your great cup of espresso when the grind is right.

Scoop And Tamp

You need to scoop the beans into a cup that is the right size for your espresso machine. You also have to tamp down the beans until they are packed into a small space so tight that you can fit more. Pour a few more over the top, and keep tamping them down until you have a little puck that can be used for your espresso.

Take The Pour

You need to get the pour from your machine slowly, and it will soak up all the flavor from the little puck you made. That is the most important part because you have to have the right kind of pour so that you can make the drink you want. The best kind of drink to make after you get a solo or doppio pour is to pour some cream over your espresso. You can get local training on how to on make the perfect pour by consulting with a barista training Houston.

You can take the espresso straight to get the day started, or you can pour cream straight over the espresso. This is a great drink that actually tastes cold, and you can carry it with you all day because you get the power from the espresso, but you get that creamy flavor, too from your Lavazza coffee.