Valentine, Nebraska maintains the USPS love

From a story about Valentine, Nebraska, published in the Lincoln Journal-Star, and forwarded to me by an old friend (the last paragraph is my favorite part!):
The digital age has not killed the endearing ritual of getting a Valentine’s Day card with a special postmark from Valentine.Last year, there was some concern because the number of requests was lower than in 2010,  Postmaster Arlene Paulson said.

“This year it seems to have picked up,” she said, judging by the number of plastic tubs filled with Valentine’s Day mail that have been processed so far. “We’re certainly happy that it happened this year.”

…”Mail is the securest way you can send something,” Paulson said. “Anybody can open an email. Anybody can go through your computer when you are not home. … There’s enough hackers out there that anything you type on a computer can be accessed by anybody.”

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