Next Snail Mail Social – Dec. 1

Calligraphic Santa letter by Sarah Hannah

Calligraphic Santa letter by Sarah Hannah

Our friends at ARCH Drafting Supply have invited Annie Yu and myself to host another Snail Mail Social tomorrow, Dec. 1, at the Potrero Hill shop. This time, in addition to free stationery (designed by Annie) and the click-clack of the typewriters, Sarah Hanna will be selling personalized, beautifully calligraphed, letters from Santa (don’t worry, I think she’s a licensed elf)!

Stop by–the social is from 1-4 at 17th and Missouri in Potrero Hill, San Francisco.

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4 responses to “Next Snail Mail Social – Dec. 1

  1. Oh to be up north, tomorrow. My daughter would love this!

  2. Any chance to get annie’s contact info for a letter??

  3. CarsonElizabeth

    Hello! I live in North Carolina and I am planning my upcoming wedding…..sadly, finding a TALENTED calligrapher of this sort is harder than finding Prince Charming (hence my “advanced age” for my first —and hopefully only— marriage) !

    I am new to your blog, but I truly live for the hand-written word! I swoon over every flourish….and a special “swirl” of the pen is the biggest treat! I feel so lucky to have found YOUR blog, and THIS post! Forgive me for asking, but did “Sarah Hanna” create the STUNNING calligraphy in the photo above? I simply MUST hire the artist for my wedding related needs!

    If you have ANY information about the artist, and if you are willing to share, would you contact me? I would be FOREVER grateful! My email SHOULD be included below, but here it is again…..

    THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart! I am so excited to read your posts now, and to know that there are souls left in this “email world” who still prefer pen and paper! Thank you, once again, for sharing any contact information for artist pictured above. Calligraphy is the ONLY “must have” that is on my wedding list—otherwise, I am just so excited to marry such a smashing man!

    All the best,

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