I am quite sure that no reader of Good Mail Day would ever leave something so important as a declaration of affection to the last minute, but in case you are feeling desperate and are perhaps new to the site, I shall repost this once again:

Free late-1800s Valentines, downloadable from these two links:

Valentines II

right-click (or ctrl-click) and save to your desktop, downloads folder, whatever you like. These came from the voluminous files of my husband’s grandmother.

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3 responses to “large.jpg

  1. BuzzFeed had a list of “unintentionally dirty” vintage valentines recently:

    Even if you consider that most are puns, I still can’t make sense of a few of them.

  2. These are wonderful! I will have to use these next year, as I didn’t see them in time for Valentine’s Day. I have a couple vintage valentines of my own–love them! So generous of you to share these. Thank you!

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