Writing, Responding, the Ebb and the Flow

Hello Friends,

It has recently come to my attention that not only have I been neglecting this blog, but that some people are concerned about the relative silence, especially as it relates to the call-for-correspondents posts.

Due to some recent questions, I want to take this opportunity to clarify some things regarding the give-and-take of mail art and the operation of this site.

I set up the Call for Correspondents posts because some people specifically requested a way to connect with other people they thought would share an interest in mail art. However, because this is not a pen-pal or swapping site (there are lots of those!), I set up the original post so that it could be largely self-running. I moderate all new comments to the site, but once you’ve been approved, you can basically comment at will. This is why some of you occasionally get a rush of comments from one person.

I’m really sorry about that, and I do feel at least partly responsible. Please accept my apology if this inconvenienced you in any way. In future, all comments, whether they are from new or seasoned commenters, will be moderated in order to cut down on duplicate postings as well as spam.

Because I am the sole maintainer of this blog (gee, can you tell?), this might mean a delay of up to a day or two before you see your post on the site. Not to fret! I will see it! I will approve it (as long as you are not a spam-bot! Sorry, spam-bots).

As to the way this post, this site, and mail art in general, works, I can only echo the post by pamelake, who states that the best way to get mail is to send mail! It is my hope that, if any of these posts speak to people, they will send a little something (a postcard, a short note, a piece of art) to the person who originally wrote it, and all the better if they receive something in return. All of us have ebbs and flows in life, and there are times when we are feeling flush and able to send lots of responses. Others find that they need to take long breaks. But it is my belief that just the ACT of sending out that feeler (postcard, letter, what have you) is a good act in itself. We need to spend at least a fraction of our time sending something lovely into the world, without hope of reward (even though the reward, if it comes, is wonderful!)

As I said before, there are no guarantees in mail art, and there are no guarantees in life. To be quite honest, I myself have slowed way down on my output in the last couple of years. I have correspondents with whom I exchange regular and wonderful letters, but I am in an ebb stage when it comes to sending out large amounts of mail all over the world. It’s simply not something that is working for me right now. The day may come when I start doing that again, but for now, this is how it is for me. How it is for you may be different, but it’s the act of doing *something* that I think is important.

I know that this blog is pretty sparse. Blogging is something that doesn’t come easy to me. But I hope that, nevertheless, you will be able to overlook that and find someone wonderful to write to in the process.

Wishing you all well,

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5 responses to “Writing, Responding, the Ebb and the Flow

  1. Coleen Wilkinson

    Good Mail. Send some and see what happens! I have had the most wonderful treasures sent to me. “Ebbing” a bit myself – so will try to get inspired! This site has been a gift.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. goodmailday

    My advice to you is that if you have not heard from these people, try someone new!

  3. Carolee, I agree with Coleen — you really started something lovely with the Call for Correspondents.And I think you are a great blogger too….thanks for your efforts and see you (sometime) in the mail!

  4. M.

    My suggestion would be to have a new post titled 2013 call for correspondents as it can be a little tedious to find the newer comments.

    • goodmailday

      M, thanks for your comment. If you just scroll to the bottom, you’ll find the newest comments are there. But I agree with you–it’ll be best to start fresh in 2014.

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