3 responses to “Saturday, December 7 – Snail Mail Social

  1. That sounds so cute! It’s too bad I live in Michigan :-P

  2. Wish I were in San Francisco. But the Central Arkansas Postcrossing Club will be getting together in Little Rock on the same day so I will get my snail mail fix at home. Hope you have a great time, I know our bunch will.

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good mail tweets

  • When I'm away on vacation, I love thinking about the mail I'll find at home. http://t.co/qlF9YIS6tA 3 months ago
  • USPS delivered a package today. It is Sunday. I asked the carrier "why are you here on a Sunday?" and he said "my boss made me." 4 months ago
  • RT @DovBee: Mail isn't instant; so you best grow some patience if you want to make letter writing part of your life. <-- Real talk from @164 months ago
  • I'll be bringing some "new" typewriters to today's Snail Mail Social--don't miss them! 99 Missouri St. (At 17th), San Francisco, 1-4! 4 months ago
  • "Lost art" alert: has anyone read this new book on letter writing? theguardian.com/books/2013/oct… 5 months ago

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