Press Your Lavazza For Espresso

You can use the unique brand known as Lavazza for your espresso, and their coffee will help you get the perfect pour when you make that tiny little solo cup of espresso. Espresso is something that people will start the day with in Italy, and it only makes sense for you to use one of their coffees when you are making the espresso. This amazing brand is perfect for pressing when you want to make espresso, and you can get started with their beans right now.

Grind Fine Beans

You need to make sure that you grind the beans so fine that they can be packed very close together. A really fine grind will make it much easier for you to make the espresso strong, and you will get more flavor from the amazing beans. You can get started packing the beans for your great cup of espresso when the grind is right.

Scoop And Tamp

You need to scoop the beans into a cup that is the right size for your espresso machine. You also have to tamp down the beans until they are packed into a small space so tight that you can fit more. Pour a few more over the top, and keep tamping them down until you have a little puck that can be used for your espresso.

Take The Pour

You need to get the pour from your machine slowly, and it will soak up all the flavor from the little puck you made. That is the most important part because you have to have the right kind of pour so that you can make the drink you want. The best kind of drink to make after you get a solo or doppio pour is to pour some cream over your espresso.

You can take the espresso straight to get the day started, or you can pour cream straight over the espresso. This is a great drink that actually tastes cold, and you can carry it with you all day because you get the power from the espresso, but you get that creamy flavor, too from your Lavazza coffee.